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haynes manor

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A neighborhood social club with the purpose of encouraging friendship and community cohesiveness through a common interest in gardening.

About Us

The Haynes Manor Garden Club was established in1994 as a non-profit association with 35 members from the Haynes Manor neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia. HMGC limits its membership to the area bounded by West Wesley Road, Peachtree Road, Northside Drive and Bobby Jones Golf Course. 

HMGC objectives are to protect native plants through gardening, encourage civic improvement and broaden the group interests while cultivating neighborhood cohesiveness. HMGC meets monthly with guest speakers or participates in local events on educational topics ranging from sustainable gardening, farm to table, wine tasting, and self improvement.  We welcome new member applications annually.


Thank you to Haynes Manor neighbors Kristy Curtis, Ann DuPre, Marjette McDonnell and Nan Newnan for creating Haynes Manor Garden Club in 1994. 

Haynes Manor Garden Club

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